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Transcrevemos do fórum NeoGAF uma projecção do mapa político da Europa para 2035, segundo a análise de especialistas russos:

After analyzing CIA, GRU and number of different intelligence institution available sources and also the works of Zbignew Brzezinski, Samuel Huntington -- a group of experts have compiled a possible political map of Europe for year 2035.

The territorial changes will start in British isles, where Scotland will declare independence after referendum in year 2013. That will give the impetus for unification of Ireland.

Basque and Catalonian states will declare Independence from Spain taking also a part of French territory.

The collapse of multiculturalism will start in France. Unable to assimilate various former colonial ethnicity of different colors, it will have to resort to their deportation. High concentration is Islamic groups will pave a way for a rise of Islamic Arabic state in southern France. Lorraine on federal basis will join Germany.

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Belgium will finally divide and the Flemish will enter in union with the Netherlands.

Business savvy northern Italians will become fed up feeding their southern brethren, which will lead to division of Italy. Poor southern Italy will be unable to retain integrity and Sicily and Sardinia will declare independence from it.

Bosnia will be divided between Croatia and Serbia. Albania unites with Kosovo and part of Macedonia creating Great Albania.

Sad fate awaits Poland. It will have to give up Silesia, Pomerania and Prussia after rounds of new agreements between Berlin and Moscow. Moscow also will not able to retain Kaliningrad region and will transfer it back to Germany.

Belarus will disappear as a state and become province of Russia. Russia will also snatch eastern parts of Latvia, Estonia and Ukraine (also including southern Ukraine and Crimea). Large changes will undergo in Caucasus, because Russia unlikely will be able to keep Chechnia and Dagestan. A new borders will be drawn with Stalinist methods possibly along Terek river cutting densely populated mountain regions away from Russia.

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OK! Mas cá os tugas, com ou sem troikas, continuam no mesmo sitio.

Já agora, porque é que concluíram isso?

Será que nos devolvem Olivença?